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Jake Hollywood didn’t want to go to school as he had a test he hadn’t studied for on the sinking of the Titanic. How utterly boring to study something over a hundred years ago, he thinks to himself. On the way to the bus stop he spots a manila envelope he is mysteriously drawn towards and upon opening it, he finds a newspaper clipping with the headline all about the doomed ship. In a burst of bright light, Jake is transported back in time, finding himself amongst the passengers of the ill-fated voyager. With just four hours left until the iceberg hits, will Jake be able to change the course of history, and even if so, will he be able to return to his own future? The energetic young protagonist, Jake Hollywood, is utterly convincing as a youth caught up in unexplainable circumstances, while superb descriptive prose brings this tragic piece of history to life for readers both young and old. Fast-paced, complete with a riveting storyline and a shocking twist at the end, makes for a captivating history lesson that will leave eager young minds yearning for more. 

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)