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Hailed as the ‘Queen of Medieval Romance’─with good reason─Kathryn le Veque has returned with her impressive newest installment in the de Wolfe series. It’s June of 1282 and William de Wolfe, England’s greatest warrior, is led deep into southern Wales─right into a trap laid by their enemy, the Welsh. Hundreds of men have died, including his beloved son, James. Overrun with the enemy on all sides and three other sons to think of, William must leave the body of James behind. Several years later, a Welsh warrior named Blayth the Strong, is defeating the English in battle after battle. Fighting by Blayth’s side is Asmara ap Cader, a fierce warrior called the ‘Dragon Princess’; a woman he is deeply falling for. Rumored to be the bastard son of the last Prince of Wales, Blayth has no memory of his past beyond five-years, supposedly due to torture at the hands of the English. He’s only aware of his past because the man who saved him has told him so. But when a captured English knight looks upon him and calls him by a different name─that of James de Wolfe─Blayth begins to question everything he thought he once knew.  From the very first page, this emotionally-charged page-turner draws a reader in and refuses to let go. Simply put, A Wolfe Among Dragons has everything a reader could want in a sprawling epic romance; vivid worldbuilding, pitch-perfect prose, tender romance, action-packed battles, and most importantly, richly drawn characters. And although generally, romance is not a genre that I normally enjoy, Kathryn le Veque has made a fan of me.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)