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K.J. Howe once again takes you behind the scenes of the kidnap and rescue industry with her much-anticipated sequel to the highly successful debut, The Freedom Broker. Committed to carrying on the legacy that her late brother, Nikos, started, kidnap and ransom expert, Thea Paris, is escorting two former child-soldiers to a new adoptive family in London, when the plane is suddenly derailed from its planned flight path. In fear for his own children’s lives, the pilot has locked himself into the cockpit and flying to a deserted airstrip in Libya, where Thea is reunited with a nemesis from her past. Her old foe, Prospero Salvatore, is a member of Gladios, one of the secret stay-behind armies created after WWII and his instructions are clear: if she wants to see the boys alive again, she must use Quantum resources to hijack and deliver a truckload of weapons to a particular destination. Soon, Thea finds herself not only trying to save the passengers of the plane, but the world at large, when its discovered that a genetically targeted bioweapon is on the loose. Smart, strong, and more than capable in any situation, Thea Paris is the modern-day action-hero readers would be begging for in a real-life K&R negotiation. Howe’s diligent research pays off, as her writing comes off as sharp and on point, lending an authenticity to every scene and plot twist. Action-packed, full of suspense, Skyjack races forward at break-neck speed, barreling towards a finale that will leave you breathless.

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)