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It was the day before Christmas and while everyone was awaiting the birth of the newest baby reindeer, ten-year-old Holly Kiss Kiss was the most excited of them all. Rudolph was getting old and although he didn’t want additional help pulling the sleigh, after pulling a muscle in his leg, he finally agreed and a search for four young, strong reindeer commenced. That night Holly’s father comes to her with the sad news that one of the baby reindeers was born with only three legs and is very weak. He fears the poor thing will not survive the night. But Holly has faith in the baby reindeer she calls Hopper and vows that he will be helping Rudolph pull Santa’s sleigh next Christmas Eve. Daniel M Warloch has beautifully written an enchanting children’s tale packed with a whole lot of heart. Of great inspiration to young minds, that even the least likely of candidates can go on to do great things, Rudolph’s Little Helper is sure to be a bed-time favorite!

~ Kris Miller (TopShelf Reviews)