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Over the last century, Earth began buckling under the weight of human overpopulation, the wasting of precious resources, and chemicals dumped in its waters, leading to plant and animal extinction. Fighting back with natural disasters, the earth became a wasteland. Humans believed they too could fight back through technology, but with artificial intelligence, humans became obsolete. Many have lost the will to live. Those who remain, are haunted by the consistent threat of nuclear annihilation. However, a chosen few have found the solution. They will colonize Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. This is their story. Cary Allen Stone has given refreshing life to an age-old story. SEEDS: The Journey Begins, masterfully sets the scene, showing the downfall of man and the destruction of earth, grabbing the reader within the first few pages. A story that is truly worth the read and will appeal to hard-core technical sci-fi fans.

~ Kris Miller(TopShelf Reviews)