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A harrowing political thriller that grips like thunder...




A harrowing political thriller that grips like thunder, yanking readers into the chilling underbelly of modern political warfare. Author, Gary Grossman has done his research, and it pays dividends in this pulse-pounding thriller, ripe with drama, intrigue, intricately woven storylines, true-to-life characters that lept straight off today’s headlines, and just the right touch of romance. Instability and fear seize the nation. Political figures, systematically assassinated. A growing secessionist movement stirs up anti-government fervor, creating nationwide unrest and lack of confidence in leadership. With the clock ticking, the U.S. president assigns Secret Service Agent Scott Roarke to investigate the assassinations. But with the assassin ready to claim his greatest kill, and state-after-state, priming for secession, the president must decide whether its time to unleash America’s own secret weapon. Executive Force draws upon current topics––patriots, tired of self-serving Beltway politics, and the mounting fear of the unknown with a brutal dictator in North Korea. Be careful with this one; it will steal your breath and your life away for hours!

~ Patrice Benard (TopShelf Reviews)