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A compelling tale of one man’s mission to end the War on Drugs



Inspired by the death of his son to an opiate overdose, former DEA agent, Dan Addario presents Chasing the Dragon, a compelling personal tale of one man’s mission to end the War on Drugs. After experiencing the devastation of opioid use first hand, as members of his unit zombie’d out on opiates while stationed in Korea, Addario returned home and began his fight against drugs by becoming an undercover narcotics agent in Philadelphia. He fought hard––one dealer at a time––people of high power, taken down for their role in putting drugs on the street. Addario’s fight took him to the ends of the earth as he watched influential country leaders make promise-after-promise with zero progress toward winning the war.  Despite his efforts to end the distribution of drugs and the downfall of American society, Addario was unable to save his son from the evils of opiate addiction. From the streets of Philly to the dark alleys of Bangkok the trail of drug importation runs deep––but none more rooted than that of Big Pharma and the drive of a greedy government to rake in profits regardless of the casualties of addiction, the pain of despair, or the countless fatalities along the way. The War on Drugs will never end with mere lip service by politicians, or the embarrassing disorganization of the DEA, FBI, or CIA. In this thought-provoking book, Chasing the Dragon, Dan Addario outlines his plan to end the War on Drugs, and despite his losses, he refuses to give up.

~ Sharon Isbell (TopShelf Reviews)