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Tragic, doleful, and downright Impossible to put down!




A heartbreaking story of 15-year-old, Rosealetta who witnesses the deaths of her older brother and the only friend she ever had. Rosealetta’s mother, unable to deal with the grief, kicks her out of the only home she’s ever known, and she ends up in the foster system. Like most foster children, Rosealetta feels alone––abandoned. Case Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Melanie Cox is appointed by the juvenile court to secure Rosealetta’s best interests which are made difficult due to the child’s tragic past. Rosealetta continues to sink into darkness until an attractive, compassionate man enters her world and convinces her that she’d be happier on her own. It is a decision that forces Rosealetta to endure things no person should ever have to. Keith Julius describes what is needed and leaves the rest to the imagination. However, this may not be a good book for youth readers. Tragic, doleful, and impossible to put down, The Robber of Youth draws from Julius’s experience as a CASA representative, making it feel more like nonfiction rather than the thought-provoking work of fiction that it is.

~ Rebecca Katsikas (TopShelf Reviews)