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A Mesmerizing Sci-fi Like Nothing We've Ever Read!



At first glance, a diehard sci-fi fanatic might overlook this one––the cover, while attractive, softly whispers, “Historical Romance” or “Women’s Lit,” certainly not “Kick-Ass Sci-Fi.” So, when we discovered RETREADS by Steve Hobbs and read the jacket copy, we just had to check it out, and BOY were we happy we did! Margaret Dearborn’s death has been a mystery since the moment her shattered body turned up in the front yard of her affluent Massachusetts home two hundred years ago. Tragically, most believed her death to be self-inflicted––the result of a disapproving father and the disappearance of her one true love. Today, thanks to a revolutionary breakthrough in medical science, she lives again. But something isn’t right. Compellingly written, with an award-worthy cast of characters, RETREADS is a book fit for any sci-fi fan’s library. I dare you to open this gem up and then try––just try––putting it down.

~ Kyle Magnus, TopShelf Reviews