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Something Bad Is About To Happen In The Remote Woods Of Northern Minnesota!

History of Wolves is a beautifully written coming-of-age story that will grip readers on many levels and never let go. Emily Fridlund’s descriptive prose carries us into the wooded reaches of northern Minnesota to experience first-hand the isolation and loneliness, not only of this remote area but also of fifteen-year-old Linda who lives there with her aging hippie parents. Born into a now-defunct commune and raised in a cabin in the woods, Linda is an outsider and a loner in her school. When a married couple with a small boy moves into a summer home across the lake, she befriends the young wife and agrees to babysit their four-year-old. But something’s not right, and Linda, in her naïveté, doesn’t know how to respond. Something bad is about to happen, and the author skillfully takes us there as we develop an attachment for Linda and those around her.

~Rosemary Fifield (TopShelf Reviews)

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