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Awesome In Every Conceivable Way!



Tosca Lee has a winner here! The Line Between may be fiction today, but could easily become reality in the very near future. Every time we turn on a computer or open a social media app, we’re likely to see ads promoting for the latest and greatest diet ‘guaranteed’ to cure your ills. Vegetarian, vegan, keto, paleo... there is always some trendy new way to eat. But what happens if our food supply were to become infected? What if everything that is supposed to be good for us suddenly becomes tainted? What if people start losing their mind because of something they ate, and the medical professionals can’t pin down the cause? Tosca Lee explores the panic and fear that we imagine could happen if everything and everyone we trusted suddenly was called into question. Experience the heart-pounding thrill-ride of the year.

~ Patrice Benard, TopShelf Reviews