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Intense Page-Turner!!




Megan Collins’s spellbinding debut novel The Winter Sister captures the souls lost in an unsolved tragedy surrounding a sleepy New England town. Desperate to escape the albatross of her sister’s unsolved murder and her alcoholic mother, Sylvie can’t wait to leave town and never look back. However, fate has other plans. A single call from her aunt brings Sylvie’s world to a crashing halt and, despite her protests, she’s thrust back into her childhood home to care for her cancer-stricken mother––likely caused by alcoholism brought on by the murder of Sylvie’s sister. Eager to do anything other than spend time with her emotionless mother, Sylvie digs deeper into her sister’s death, only to find that the secrets she kept were not the only secrets buried in the past. Sylvie is forced to confront her demons as her mother’s dark secrets unravel, and when Sylvie comes face-to-face with the person she believes killed her sister, she's stricken with fear. How could her sister’s killer become a nurse? This intense page-turner will leave you breathless as you dig into Sylvie’s mysterious life. Collins writes as though she experienced the events first-hand, yanking readers into the lives of Sylvie and each of the people in this incredible, standout debut novel. Bravo!

~ Sharon Isbell, TopShelf Reviews