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Capital Kill … Murder, Mystery, Adventure!!




Set in our Nation’s capital, Capital Kill, takes us through a fictional account of the Jamaican cocaine ring run by a former Jamaican posse leader. Demetrius Reid was a pivotal member of the Shower Posse in Tavoli during the height of the Jamaican drug wars. After the slaying of his mother and brother, he takes his anger out on the rival gang members earning him an elevated status in the Shower gang. After the wars settle in Jamaica, and after years of dedication to the gang, Shower leaders reward Read by sending him to the safe island vacation spot to be a cook at a beach resort. But after several years of cooking at the resort, a lack of action creates a stir in Reid. He sets his sights on Miami, a hotbed of drug activity, with excellent potential for making big money. In the States, Reid reshapes the traditions of Jamaican cocaine dealing, leading to his success as a drug lord. Careful not to draw the attention of local law enforcement as well as running a reputable business with no direct dealings in the trafficking of drugs, Reid profits as both a local restaurant owner and a drug lord in Washington DC. Each page of Capital Kill will leave you wondering, who exactly is corrupt, and how are they involved. Working against Reid are the newly appointed Attorney from the Air Force, Trask, local police experts, The Twins, as well as a few other experts in the FBI and DEA. Who will prevail on the streets? Who will die next? Capital Kill has no lack of murder, mystery, or adventure.

~ Sharon Isbell, TopShelf Reviews