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A Masterfully Written Legal Thriller!




Death Votes Last, book #5 in the Jeff Trask crime drama series by Marc Rainer, is a masterfully written, ultra-realistic courtroom drama that both thrills and intrigues as it draws readers deep into its clutches. With an evenly-divided United States Senate, the stakes are high for the nation's political power brokers. The leader of one party decides to change the numbers by arranging the elimination of one of the other party's senators. As the death sends shock waves through the nation's capital, federal prosecutor Jeff Trask and a team of FBI agents and police officers must solve not only the senator's homicide but the murder of one witness and the attempted murder of another. Further complicating their efforts is the fact that the trial of the killer must take place in the political swamp of Washington, D.C. As Trask and his team investigate the deaths and prepare for the trial of the century, the nation's political fate hangs in the balance. TopShelf loves this book and begs the question, why are we only today learning about this author and this riveting series. We WILL be reading more by Marc Rainer!

~ Kyle Magnus, TopShelf Reviews