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A Classic "Rags to Riches" Following One Man's Rise From Coal Miner To Mine Owner!




Rich Di Silvio’s A Blazing Gilded Age starts with a bang, literally, when Archibald Desmond Huxley’s—a dastardly villain if ever there was one—coal mine blows up. The explosive, yet long first chapter set’s the stage for an engaging story about an immigrant family from Poland. Perhaps more engaging, is the way the author loads history into the trials and tribulations of this “gilded age” drama. Nearly every imaginable historical figure of the time makes an appearance as the author explores their achievements in the fields of music, art, science, industry, and politics. DiSilvia holds no punches when depicting an imperfect capitalistic system—the very foundation of America’s success. Abuse, corruption, and greed is balanced with the spectacular achievements that could only have been possible in a nation that rewards hard work, creativity, and brilliance. If you love historical novels A Blazing Gilded Age is a worthy read.

~ TNM, TopShelf Reviews