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A High-Stakes Thriller Sliced From The Controversial World Of Genetics and In-Vitro Fertilization!




Claire Abrams, desperate to conceive a healthy child after the loss of her son to a deadly genetic mutation, convinces her husband to seek out the services of Dr. Robert Nash—perhaps their only chance to conceive, and save their ailing marriage. Unknown to her husband, Dr. Nash’s untested methods would combine the genetic material of his wife’s egg with an egg from his ambitious and cunning lab assistant, Jillian, to create the first baby with genetic material from three parents—an unprecedented feat that promises to eliminate all biologically inherited disorders. But when Clair’s husband finds out, all hell breaks loose, forcing Dr. Nash and a very pregnant Claire into hiding. Ten years later, Abigale, the spunky and resourceful result of Dr. Nash’s experiment, seeks answers, leading her family into a dangerous meeting with fate that threatens their survival. Packed with heart-pounding thrills and jaw-dropping twists, Mother Knows Best by Kira Peikoff will keep you long past midnight, sweating through it’s thrilling climax.

~ Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews