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A Timely Masterpiece Raising Hairs As Much As Stakes!




Gary Grossman and Ed Fuller have woven an international shocker that questions why hotels are not protected the same way air travel is, and why no one is taking the lead on this issue. After a deadly bombing destroys the Kensington Hotel in Tokyo, Danial Reilly, international hotel executive and former Army Intelligence with CIA clearance, dives into the investigation with a singular mission: find the man captured on closed-circuit video, walking away from the carnage with a smug look playing on his face. As he digs deeper, Reilly untangles a sinister web that implicates the Russians in a conspiracy that could lead to more strikes on Kensington properties and precipitate an unprecedented and deadly war between Russia and the US. Seething with heart-pounding suspense and intrigue, Red Hotel will leave you breathless as you read into the wee hours, only to reconsider all your travel plans! An absolute masterpiece and a timely thriller! DO NOT miss this one!

~ Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews