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A First-Rate Crime Novel... NOT One To Be Missed!



Born to Hustle is a first-rate crime novel about twin brothers, Brian and Alan, sons to a timid 19-year-old mother and an abusive alcoholic for a father. With no real direction on parenting their mother, Martina does the best she can while their father does nothing but make their world unbearable. Follow the boys as they form the skills necessary to survive an abusive upbringing, grow that deep bond that only twins have, and mature into sharp-minded men with enthusiasm for hustling. Then witness their entire way of life become threatened when Brian starts spending time with Cynthia, a known con artist. In classic Edward Dreyfus style, Born to Hustle is a first-rate crime novel, with characters that pop to life, situations that are genuinely intense, and, for the first time, a cover that matches the contents within. Without question, NOT one to be missed!

~ Kyle Magnus, TopShelf Reviews