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If It's Horror You Take Before Bed And Pick Up In The Morning, Demon King Will Fill Your Plate!


Erik Henry Vick’s Demon King is a horror readers nightmare—meaning, a dream in horror parlance among those favoring such authors as the ‘Kings’ of horror. While favorably compared to Stephen King’s IT––in particular––and King & Koontz in general, by hundreds of reviews, I found the novel just as close to Stranger Things. Thus, one might say it is a cross between the two—Stranger IT.  Demon King is a dark, suspenseful tale that pits bike-riding kids against demonic forces. While they are no match for such evil, we cheer them on nonetheless (Do it, do it, do it––the chorus in the novel repeats). As adults, the kids must again challenge the evil at play in their small-town, Upper New York community. Vick’s prose is straightforward, pleasantly clever at times, with authentic dialogue, compelling characterizations, and scenes and backdrops set with the utmost care. While lapses in logic do rear their head here and there, they do not lessen the gripping, sometimes grotesque horrors found in Demon King.

~ Robert W. Walker, TopShelf Reviews