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A Taut Psychological Thriller That Will Leave You Breathless!

When Peter Caine––an ambitious Manhattan Criminal defense attorney, a man who represents everything morally reprehensible about the legal system, concerned only with gaining successful acquittals for the very worst dregs of society––is framed for the murder of a former mistress, the stepdaughter of New York’s own District Attorney, his life is thrust into a desperate search for clues, forcing him to confront his own deep moral flaws, and face the dreadful recompense of his life’s actions. A.F. Brady has woven a masterpiece of psychological tension; guiding readers down a long and winding countryside, quickly gaining steam, and finally speeding like a runaway train, toward one of the best last chapters of any suspense novel, EVER!  Once a Liar is a taut psychological thriller with an ending that will leave you breathless! You will NOT be disappointed!
~ Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews