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An Absolute Must-Read For Women Of All Ages!

With a solid (100%) 5-Star review on Amazon and a 1st placing in the 2018 TopShelf Indie Book Awards, it’s no wonder that Becoming Enough by Amanda Johnson would receive yet another, firmly planted 5 STAR TopShelf Review! True freedom is found when you lay down your shield and live from a place of perfection. You are free to be exactly who you are, trusting that what you do is complete. Becoming Enough is a story of courage—that first step into the unknown requiring trust and a deep understanding, that after all is said and done, the most perilous pathway is found within all evolving beings. Amanda shares her personal journey—unique and empowering, much like the stories and emotional baggage we all carry. Her open-hearted narrative clearly shows the moments when seeds of judgment and ego-confusion were planted by well-meaning parents and mentors. Amanda’s story is brilliant, and her witty personality shines brightly throughout this inspiring, highly relatable masterpiece. This is an absolute must-read for women of all ages.
~ Rebecca Katsikas, TopShelf Reviews