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A Clearcut, Standout Winner! 


No one knows how long the Cherokee lived in the Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee, although artifacts have been found that indicate their ancestors were there more than 11,000 years ago...at the end of the last Ice Age. In one of the most despicable acts in history, after the discovery of gold in Cherokee territory, the U.S. Army forcibly removed 16,000 Cherokee men, women and children from the land they had occupied for countless generations. More than 4,000 died during the brutal 1200-mile forced migration, in the dead of winter, known to history as The Trail of Tears. Author R.L. Herron has created a spine-tingling modern thriller, in this 2018 TopShelf Book Awards, first-place horror winner, Blood Lake, where John Burnett is the latest member of his family to confront a Cherokee curse laid upon his bloodline in 1838, succumbing to terrors both mortal and supernatural. The Native American background and milieu make this tale of ghostly revenge stand out as a clearcut, standout winner!
~ Kyle Magnus, TopShelf Reviews