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One Of The Best Novels Of 2019!



One Little Secret by Cate Holahan is a killer psychological thrill-ride of mystery, betrayal, and violence, pristinely wrapped in a 306-page package. You’re not going to want to miss this one. When Susan set up the weeklong beach house sublet with her workaholic husband and two other married couples—a week of peace and relaxation away from their children, in an attempt to get to know her neighbors better—she had no idea that it would all end in the murder of one of their group—a murder that each of the remaining five have strong motive to commit. Packed with heart, quickening thrills, and high-strung suspense, One Little Secret will have you lost in time, flipping pages, desperate for answers. Hands down, one of the best novels of 2019.

~ Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews