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Mystery So Thick It Grips Like Quicksand And Refuses To Let Go!



Jessica Fletcher finds herself face to face with yet another real-life murder mystery, twenty-five years in the making. Timelines converge as two very different Jessica Fletchers—separated by a quarter-century—return to the same high school to investigate two hauntingly similar murders. With nothing but her instincts to guide her, Jessica is forced out of her fictional world, compelled to solve the deepening mysteries shrouding her present and her past. What exactly happened all those years ago, and who’s behind these seemingly connected murders. With mystery so thick it grips like quicksand, A Time for Murder is a killer tale that refuses to let go. At times you’ll scream, “I know who did it,” only to find out how wrong you are! Jon Land is an absolute master storyteller, and this latest Murder, She Wrote mystery is yet another shining example.

~Sharon Isbell, TopShelf Reviews