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I Know Great Storytelling When I Read It, and One Way Street Truly Delivers!



Author, R.L. Herron’s depictions of the Vietnam war are so authentic; you’ll swear he had to have served on the front lines. The story begins in the 60s on Reichold Street––a neighborhood on the wrong side of the tracks––the kind of place you only dream of escaping. Two friends, doing whatever it takes to survive before getting swallowed up by the horrors of the war. Had Mr. Herron just given us a tale of Vietnam, it would have been enough. However, this book takes an incredible turn when our hero returns home, nearly destroyed by PTSD, fights through, returns to college, attains a Ph.D., falls head-over-heels, marries the love of his life, writes a blockbuster, and becomes a bestselling novelist. But there’s evil afoot, and his world is about to be destroyed. Part historical fiction, part suspense thriller, One Way Street is storytelling at it’s best! A good editor and desperately-needed proofreading are all that stood between 4.5 and 5 stars.

~TNMTopShelf Reviews