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High school senior Hattie Hoffman is the consummate actress, skilled at being whoever the people in her life need her to be. She knows exactly what she’s doing and has it all figured out, until the night she's murdered.

The setting is a small town in rural Minnesota, where farming families grow soy and cotton, and everyone knows everyone else's business. County Sheriff Del Goodman, a no-nonsense old-timer who doesn’t mince words, is investigating Hattie’s death. Peter Lund, a man who’s desperate for someone to appreciate and understand him, is the new English teacher at Hattie’s school. All three characters take turns narrating this suspenseful thriller. Each has a distinctive voice and perspective that works, keeping readers engaged. We instantly know and recognize these characters. They're flawed, show honest emotion,  overwhelmed by what’s happening, making understandable if regrettable mistakes, making it all the harder to be sure who the murderer truly is. Everything You Want Me To Be is a well-written story with characters you will care about and a finish that offers hope for second chances.

~Rosemary Fifield (TopShelf Reviews)