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Pitch-Perfect Plotting Seasoned With Experience!

Speaking of putting his military experience to good use, retired Brigadier General Anthony Tata goes where few thriller writers dare to go in the bracing Besieged, imagining a series of terrorist attacks against so-called soft targets.

This stunner of a tale pits series hero Jake Mahegan, formerly of Delta Force, against enemies from both abroad and at home as he races to find the perpetrators of an attack launched in a school before the entire United States ends up hostage to the whims of whack jobs. The set-up is pure gold and only platinum follows from there as Mahegan traces a serpentine path to the truth that winds through his own past as well.

Military types are no stranger to the page. But the likes of Anthony Tata are now lending readers not only their expertise but also their mastery as storytellers. Besieged serves up pitch-perfect plotting sharply seasoned by actual experience, propelling Tata to a literary station that matches his military rank.

~Jon Land (TopShelf Reviews)