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An Imaginative Tale that Should Appeal to YA Fantasy Lovers Everywhere!




The Rite of Wands by McKenzie Flohr is both charming and enrapturing, primarily due to her endearing characterizations and descriptions. A successful young adult novel these days must intrigue readers like never before, and Flohr has put in the work needed to this end. The dual heroes of the story and their separate challenges offer an intriguing glimpse across the various kingdoms and fiefdoms of this fantasy land, creating a vying for power for evil and good. Game of Thrones comes to mind––only in a world built for a more youthful generation, as our young heroes are young men, aged 12 and 14. Mierta and Orlynd are intricately drawn characters with overall satisfying complexity. As with all great fantasies, Flohr puts our heroes to the test. Who are they? What do they stand for? However, there are periods of slow to no action, and dialogue that does not always propel the story or develop character. Sadly, some of the most significant changes in our heroes, take place during massive gaps in time. There are far too many years lost to the reader between parts one and two. That is a shame. Fantasy can be quite challenging––an entirely new world must be created and put to paper––and Flohr does this so well. The Rite of Wands is an imaginative tale that should appeal to young adult fantasy lovers everywhere.

~Robert Walker, TopShelf Review