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Quite Simply, One Of The Best And Most Entertaining Wartime Thrillers Ever Penned!



Hospitalized in England’s Leeds Castle for life-threatening gunshot wounds he sustained in an ambush, top US negotiator, Everett Nash is desperate to return to the field and bring an end to Hitler’s most terrifying project. While recovering, Nash meets nurse Emma Doyle, who becomes his greatest and brightest student––and his secret love. But when an assassination attempt renders Nash incapable of fulfilling his mission, Emma becomes the world’s last hope for defeating Hitler’s maniacal plans. This masterfully-written tale breathes life through its array of vividly drawn characters, unexpected plot points, heart-pounding action––with a few narrow escapes––and a wry sense of romance and even some well-placed humor. Weapons of Peace is a thrilling exploit of an affair that will have you cheering for its heroes, while also learning a bit of rich history and the subtle art of negotiation.


~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews