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A Well-Crafted Romance With Vivid Imagery And Poetic Language And Prose!



Carin Frost is a confident businesswoman, wife, and mother, yet she begins to resent everything about her life. Perhaps it’s the recent loss of her mother? Maybe she’s losing her mind?  Then enters Matias Torres, and as their new business partnership thrives, so too does their blossoming friendship. Carin is determined to keep her distance until a work assignment sends them to Southeast Asia where a storm is brewing on the island. Amid the chaos, Matias asks her to do something unimaginable. Carin knows the consequences could be dire, but it may be the only way to save herself. The Year I Left is a well-crafted romance with vivid imagery and poetic language and prose. If romance novels are your thing, I highly recommend this one for its ambiance and readability.


~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews