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A Gratifying Wartime Masterpiece!

Rarely is a book so moving and heartfelt as Battle Scars—a short yet powerful homage to our soldiers that had me both breathless and in tears. When Sean Nichols and his close-knit platoon of Marines run across an IED while Humveeing along a dusty Afghan road, his life as an injured combat veteran begins. Struggling as an amputee stricken with PTSD and survivors guilt, Nichols sets out to fulfill a solemn promise he made to one of his fallen friends with a little help from his Commanding Sergeant "Deke" Deacon Tilman. And as Nichols visits the families of his fallen friends, sharing in their grief, he discovers that there is still a purpose to life. There are many excellent books written in tribute to our fallen heroes, and while Battle Scars maybe just a novella, it is actually so much more. Do not miss this gratifying wartime masterpiece!


~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews