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Will Have You Riveted To Your Seat Devouring Pages At Breakneck Speed!


Donnie Briscoe, a retired FBI agent with a wife and kids, has been out of the agency for five years when he gets the news that his former mentor and friend, Assistant Director Paul Weinman, has died. Despite a promise to his wife, Donnie is drawn back to the agency when two agents approach him at Weinman’s funeral, insisting that his "heart attack" was a ruse––the Assistant Director of the FBI was murdered. Donnie's instincts lead him to uncover a series of clues left by his former boss and mentor, clues only Donnie would recognize. When he reaches out to the two field agents for help, he learns of their reassignment to Afghanistan. Alone and retired, with limited credentials, unsure who to trust, Donnie hones his semi-rusty skills and with nothing more than a few old contacts and the faint trail left behind by a dead man, pieces together a drug syndicate bigger than he's ever known. But as he searches for the killers, they do their own set up targeting his family. How could they have known where he lived or that he was investigating? How high up the food chain do these criminals go? And how much power do they possess? Donnie must work fast to solve the murder of his old boss and friend before he and his family end up in body bags themselves. Are his skills still good enough to beat the criminals at their own game or will he lose someone else he loves? Who can he trust? Capitol White will have you riveted to your seat devouring pages at breakneck speed to uncover clues left by a dead man, the skills of the ensuing kingpin, and the mysteries that surround the untimely deaths of three federal agents. You’ll be left wondering, is this fact, or indeed fiction? Corruption intertwined with the war on drugs you will find yourself trying to add the clues up to solve the riddle in time to save Donnie Briscoe and his loved ones.

~Sharon Isbell, TopShelf Review