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For Faith, wife to wealthy investment broker Edward Harrison and mother of an intelligent university-bound daughter, Katherine, and owner/operator of a couture consignment shop on Palm Beach's famed Worth Avenue, life is lived in opulence and luxury. She serves on many various committees and along with her husband is regarded highly by their peers in the community for their charitable giving and status, but, like any almost perfect couple, there are secrets and duplicity beneath the surface of their marriage and when, Edward who has made some very questionable investment decisions announces to Faith that they are no longer financially solvent and have only four weeks to correct their course before disaster hits, Faith scrambles to help him raise the millions needed to avert it. It is then that Diana, daughter Katherine's new best friend, enters the fray with news of Faith's secret past that could send the Harrison family into a spiral that they cannot escape. Loaded with tragedy and drama, this cautionary tale of the loss of material wealth and status forces its readers to contemplate the things in life that are vitally more important: family, love, and commitment.

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews