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If You Like To Solve Mysteries You'll Love This Author's Approach!



Bingo: A Jonas Kirk Mystery is both well written and quite unusual. I’ve never heard of this author, but I understand he has many followers, and I am not at all surprised. In BINGO, Jonas Kirk leaves it to his friend, police officer Lieutenant Chester Devlin, to maintain order in their community of Woodland Park, a small suburb of the Twin Cities. But the peace and tranquillity of this little community are soon shattered by several robberies and most distressing of all, the murder of a homeless man, whose body is found buried in the snow. At the same time, the fearful community has to absorb the arrival of Muslim and Sikhs in the area, which causes tension within the small town. This isn’t my usual genre, but I enjoyed it. If you like to solve mysteries you’ll love this author’s approach to the predicaments he constructs as he peppers the well-written text with clues and unfavorable characters you wouldn’t want to come across. I liked the way the main character, Jonas, comes across in the story, likable, and down to earth. I did, however, find the fragmented text off-putting. There were too many breaks when the characters were speaking. Having said that, this was a very different experience for me and I enjoyed it.

~Michael Rowland, TopShelf Reviews