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A Realistic Procedural Legal Thriller!



Joel Burcat, in his book Drink to Every Beast, gives the reader a realistic procedural legal thriller. It's always helpful to write what you know, and the author has delivered his expertise on the pages of this book. He knows his legal arguments. We begin with the deaths of two teens, who accidentally find themselves in the Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania near an old mine shaft and end up suffering horrifying deaths. And so, the chase begins to figure out whose dumping illegal toxic chemicals into the river. Enter a young rising-star DEP attorney named Mike Jacobs, a couple corrupt officials including the Governor, and voila, we're off to the races as our hero risks life and limb to solve the mystery and stop the next illegal dump. Stir well and add two love interests for our attractive, modest, level-headed attorney and it's kicked up a notch. If you enjoy legal thrillers with a touch of romance, you'll thoroughly enjoy this accurately portrayed thrill ride.


~Belle Ami, TopShelf Reviews