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Leaves You In A State of Exhilaration That You Will Soon Not Forget!



I must say, this novel's lead character lives up to the reputation of the authors last name, and just like Ian Fleming's penultimate super-spy, Pono Hawkins is a man who loves the ladies, but his Bond persona is much like that of Sean Connery's portrayal. Very rough and ready for mixing it up with Jihadi terrorists who have turned the city of love into a battleground that is stained by the blood of innocents. Unlike 007, this hero is an ex-Special Forces war veteran who has a dark history that includes court-martial and imprisonment for a justified killing and for almost having died side by side with his old comrade Mack while taken hostage by the psychotic and homicidal terrorist Mustafa el Boudienne, in the Iraq war, who, after narrowly escaping their fate with the Jihadi, learn that he supposedly been killed. Pono soon learns that not only is Mustafa alive, but he is also in Paris with plans to level the city with either a handheld nuclear device or plans to strike the Eiffel Tower with an Airbus. Taut, and brimming with action and suspense, Goodbye Paris escalates to a heart-stopping conclusion high above the streets, cafes, and cathedrals of Paris atop the Eiffel Tower that will leave you, the reader in a state of exhilarating exhaustion that you will soon not forget!

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews