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A Rolling Pot-Boiler, Sure To Make It... Well, Hard to Breathe...



The second in a series of spine-tingling medical thrillers by award-winning author Tom Combs, Hard to Breathe is a rolling pot-boiler, sure to make it... well, Hard to Breathe!  Like in Combs' debut, Nerve Damage, Dr. Drake Cody––an overworked ER doctor, who has developed a wonder drug capable of healing severely damaged spinal cords––finds himself in a fight against an unscrupulous pharmaceutical firm hellbent on stealing his research. Only now, the hospital itself has joined in the effort... against him. Despite suffering from some overdramatic inner-dialogue and a tendency to lift entire sections of text from Nerve Damage when flashing back, this book delivers the goods! Hard to Breathe is an exciting rush of action and thrills that will leave you wonderfully exhausted and satisfied. Do NOT miss it!

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews