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A Remakably Good Read On Many Levels



This historical romance, which tells the story of Alexander the Great through the eyes of his bride Roxana, like the period it describes, is brimming with enough passion, political intrigue, backstabbing, malicious power grabs, and devious plots to keep readers––not familiar with Greek history––guessing the motivations and intentions of these highly intriguing ancient characters. Roxana is the 16-year-old daughter of Persian chieftain Baron Oxyartes, who is commanding his army at the battle of Sogdiana Rock, the historical last stand of the Persian army against King Alexander of Macedon. It is after Alexander's army moves in and quickly conquers this territory that the great conqueror first notices the beautiful and spirited Roxana, who, being commanded by her father to dance for him, does not realize that Alexander, upon seeing her, is instantly smitten by her. Without any formal education or noble blood, Alexander chooses Roxana to be his bride. While discovering the joys of a profound happiness she had never known, and the astonishing depths of desire to be found in the arms of the conqueror king, Roxana also learns that being the king's wife comes with a hefty price as she learns comes to know her husband's treacherous kingdom, the constant bloody battles of war, jealous rivals and deadly plots that threaten both her and the life and rule of Alexander's eventual heir. While there are minor issues with pacing, the historical elements (except for one––Greek history aficionados will know which I speak of) are in the ballpark of accuracy, while the richly detailed narrative of these intriguing characters will generate an all-encompassing fascination with Greek history. It should also be noted that the book's title and cover suggest elements of fantasy instead of a historical romance, which might serve to deceive the casual shopper. 

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews