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Will Forever Change The Way You Look At The New York Times Crossword Section



Dan Grant has written a novel that will forever change the way you look at the New York Times crossword section. Not only has he made crossword puzzles intriguing and fun, but he has also made them into a new plot device in this impressive political/action thriller that encapsulates everything that makes these types of thrillers exciting in the first place. The protagonist, FBI forensic agent Kate Morgan, currently suspended, is on a Washington DC transit train, bound for a Capitol Hill hearing for which she has been subpoenaed, when an IUD goes off, derailing the train, and killing numerous early morning commuters. In the station, a briefcase bearing Kate's name, and opening only to a code that has been written on her arm by a rescue worker, contains the beginning clues of a crossword puzzle tattooed into a square piece of human skin, that will lead to the deranged killer's next intended target, and even more clues that will culminate in a deadly game that will end at midnight of that very same day! Suddenly called back into service, and assisted by real-life NYT crossword puzzle master, Will Shortz, and the mysterious genetically altered super-soldier, Rachel Pratt, Kate must fight a desperate battle against the clock, deciphering clues and racing to save innocent victims along the way, in a deadly, sadistic game that will uncover a secret government conspiracy to create genetically supreme soldiers, that goes all the way up to the vice the chain to the Vice President of the United States and will culminate in a heart-stopping climactic confrontation that will leave readers too adrenaline-charged to sleep until the wee small hours. Highly recommended for intrigue, action, and thrills!


~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews