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One Of The BEST Surprise Endings Ever Penned!



If your fingers aren't on fire from burning through pages of Wrongful Deaths the latest medical thriller by award-winning author, Tom Combs, you'd better make sure you're still alive! For Dr. Drake Cody, an ER physician who almost lost everything––including his wife and children nearly murdered in a bizarre kidnapping, further victimized by the leadership of his hospital––nothing could make him happier than completing his residency and obtaining that dream home for his family, far away from the city and the trauma they've been through. But when a series of unexpected deaths at the hospital results in medical malpractice suits, Cody is assigned to investigate. But, he never could have imagined that he'd be named in such a lawsuit. Or that he'd end up thrown in the middle of an opioid crisis that would kill hundreds. It's a race against time, and now Cody is confronted by the most daunting challenge of his life. His career and the lives of his family are under threat by greed and corruption, all leading to a heart-stopping climax and one of the BEST surprise endings ever penned!

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews