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Heartwarming… Believable… Highly recommended!



In The Shadow of War centers on a group of individuals that deal with causalities of war. The author does a magnificent job building all of the characters in this story, with great insight into their personalities. I felt the characters were real, in fact, I thought it was a true story. And I especially loved the affection between the brothers, which was heart-warming, and exceptionally written. Glen, the main character in the book, lives with his deluded grandfather and an array of desperate residents in a Midwestern prairie town in the ’70s. The relationships between the other characters are intense, but they work together toward a common goal, renovating an old ballroom. Unfortunately, this is threatened when a disgraced war veteran arrives in town, harboring a secret about one of the husbands that will thrust the residents into the center of political controversy. The descriptions about the town and the area bordering it are very concise and believable. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I devoured it in two days. Highly recommended!

~Michael Rowland, TopShelf Reviews