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A Great Read!



A book about a little horse named Pinto with big dreams. PINTO, a children's historical fiction book by M.J. Evans, follows four men, calling themselves the "Overland Westerners," who, back in 1912, decided fame and fortune awaited them if they embarked on the longest horseback ride in history. Their goal was to visit all forty-eight state capitals over three years and complete their journey at the San Francisco World's Fair on June 1, 1915. This is Pinto's account of his arduous adventure, crossing fast-flowing rivers, snow-covered mountains, treacherous valleys, red-hot deserts, and wetlands in this gripping tale. And the hardships and joys the men and horses experienced along the journey will touch readers. Being from the UK, I loved this book, especially reading about the United States back in 1912. PINTO is well written, and you don't have to fancy horses to gain a real appreciation for their strengths, emotions, and steadfastness. A great read!

~Michael Rowland, TopShelf Reviews