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Beautifully written and chocked full of adventure!



Emily Staton, a sociology major, received a full scholarship from Evergreen Research Corporation with the agreement that she works for the company for four years after graduation. However, the work she was expected to do for Evergreen was never clearly defined. Her roommate, Sophie, comes for a wealthy family. Before graduation, Sophie introduces Emily to Gerd as well as her father, George - the distinguished yet deceptive Lord Winston. Throughout the story, Emily journals her life, writing the entries to her favorite Aunt Maude, who died when Emily was 15. Dear Maude is beautifully written and chocked full of adventure, mystery, romance, and time travel. Its told from the first-person point of view, which is exciting because the reader gets to hear all of Emily's questions, doubts, and insecurities. My only complaint is that the story is slow to start; however, it quickly changes into a roller coaster ride, once time travel emerges.

~TopShelf Reviews