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A terrifying, edge of your seat, heart-palpitating tale!



From the second I picked up A Single Light, the terrifying new dystopian novel by New York Times bestselling author, Tosca Lee, I was hooked. We better hope Lee’s horrific vision of an apocalyptic end of days world never comes to pass. A terrifying, edge of your seat, heart-palpitating tale about what happens when a flu pandemic invades the United States through the food supply delivering an incurable disease of madness and death. People are dying. Order turns to chaos when sixty-four people, not infected, enter the silo, which is time-locked not to open for six months. Their only hope is that by the time they emerge from their underground safe house, the world’s scientists will have a vaccine capable of stopping the disease from wiping out what’s left of Earth’s population. But the time-lock opens six days early. One girl emerges with what could be the key to the Earth’s survival. But she’s being hunted for the murder of her sister. With the clock racing and danger lurking at every turn––societies taken by gangs who will kill for a scrap of food––survival of the fittest is the game. The future may not exist beyond six days. A provocative tale you are NOT going to want to miss!

~Belle Ami, TopShelf Reviews