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A real gem that is as warm and glorious as it is reflective and timeless



Home Front: A Memoir from WWII chronicles a farm family in the 1940s and how their lives are irrevocably changed by the war and by "progress" in the post-war period. Share in their story––the blackouts, rationing, fears, patriotism, and the absolute unity felt by all involved. As the men head to war, our narrator grows to an obliged maturity, shouldering the work left behind while struggling with the daily impact of the war on his world. But the most significant impact comes after the war when the country becomes all about returning to normal. But, for this farm family from the 1940s, normal is gone. Rarely do I recommend a book as strongly as I recommend Home Front. Author C.D. Peterson has written a real gem that is as warm and glorious as it is reflective and timeless. This book is sure to move you. If you like historical wartime novels, you are going to love this book.

~TopShelf Reviews