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A tremendously powerful book that absolutely everyone should read!



Few people know about the "Purge of the Kulaks," as this is a suppressed part of Russian (and world) history. Based on real stories of people who lived through this terrible time, the fictional Jahnle family is falsely "evacuated" from their farm in a small village near the Black Sea, and is forced on a journey north, into the unknown, with many other German-Russian families. The year is 1929, it's nearly harvest season, and not understanding what's happening, the family traverses the first four hundred miles of their mass exodus by horse and wagon. During this trip, they come in contact with what would later become the KGB. They are loaded into the overcrowded cattle-car of a very long train and taken hundreds of miles to labor camps scattered along the coast of the White Sea, in western Siberia, where they are exposed to separation, interrogation, starvation, over-working, cruelty, and death. One of the best historical novels I've ever experienced. The passion the author has for this award-winning masterpiece is palpable, and it shines through every detail woven throughout this––a tremendously powerful book that absolutely everyone should read.

~TopShelf Reviews