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Keating is a clear master at his craft!



One man faces challenges as a pastor in China. His son has become a breakout phenom in the world of professional golf. The Chinese government is displeased with both, and their lives are in danger. Onetime Navy SEAL and former CIA operative Pastor Stephen Grant has a history with communist China, while also claiming a pretty solid golf game. His unique experience and skills unexpectedly put him alongside old friends, at some of golf's biggest tournaments as a caddy and bodyguard, and in the middle of an international struggle over Christian persecution, a mission of revenge, and a battle between good and evil.  The latest in a long-running Pastor Stephen Grant series, Deep Rough, is a squarely hit hole-in-one! Author Ray Keating is new to TopShelf, and this, our first review. However, it most definitely will NOT be our last. Keating is a clear master at his craft, and Deep Rough is proof he's mastered the game.

~TopShelf Reviews