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A masterfully written thriller that left me longing for more.



I have not read very many crime thrillers in my long reading history. But that's about to change, now that I've experienced this supreme mob thriller by Marc Rainer. Rainer's experience as a big-city Prosecutor working both the DC and KC circuits shine through with this spine-chilling thriller, Mob Rules––a gritty and intense potboiler that beats with a pulse of pure adrenaline-laced excitement throughout. Jeff Trask, a former DC Prosecutor who has just transplanted to KC along with his wife and three beloved rescue dogs, never expected to handle a case such as this as his first in Kansas City. The cities volatile underground drug culture, hidden within a maze of "juice" bars (strip clubs that can operate upon the legal basis of not selling alcoholic beverages on the premises) soon has him embroiled in a dangerous battle with the seedy goings-on of the cities illegal trade in fentanyl-laced heroin. Mob Rules brings readers deep inside KC's underworld. Inside the operations of one of our Nation's largest police organizations as they investigate and prosecute a major conspiracy of an evil and greedy subculture that has victimized and laid waste too many of our youngsters and their unfulfilled potentials. Packed with action, humor, and a few sad, sentimental moments, Mob Rules is a masterfully written thriller that left me longing for more of these characters and their true life (yes, much of this story is based upon Rainey's own experiences) heroic adventures.

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews