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Five enthusiastic stars! Don’t miss this one!



In this edge-of-your-seat crime thriller, the brilliantly fast-tracked mind of Washington, DC prosecutor Jeff Trask is put to the most dangerous challenge yet. A series of brutal murders, presaged by the brazen and violent beheading of the Salvadoran Ambassador’s son outside the embassy, take out members of the infamous M-13 and M-18 gangs in the beltway. While apparent that a war has broken out between these rival gangs, Trask and his team, in the course of the investigation, uncover another, more sinister explanation in the person of the Ambassador’s chief aid, a mysterious one-eyed man named Rios, who has an agenda of his own. As the investigation heats up, it is not just gangbangers who are mercilessly taken out, but their court-ordered attorneys. After a foiled attack on Trask and his wife, it becomes clear that he is up against a foe that will stop at nothing to accomplish his plan of vengeance. Horns of the Devil is an immense and immersive rollercoaster ride of heart-stopping suspense with fully realized characters who will live and breathe in your imagination with vitality, inhabiting a world where darkness and evil co-exist with peace and justice. It is a world that is closer to our safe and well-lit experience as we would perhaps like to admit, but all too real to safely ignore.

~Donald Richard, TopShelf Reviews