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Rafael Amadeus Hines is clearly a master storyteller!



This action-packed thriller introduces readers to Special Forces Sergeant John Bishop, decorated war hero and nephew of the notorious crime boss, Gonzalo Valdez. After returning from Afghanistan, John Bishop’s hopes for a peaceful future are shattered as he’s catapulted back into the global war on terror through a succession of life-threatening events. Bishop battles against terrorist operatives in New York, a powerful Afghan warlord, and a psychopathic billionaire with powerful White House connections. When Bishop’s crime boss uncle gets involved, Bishop’s enemies are treated to the bitter taste of mob vengeance. Not for the faint of heart, Bishop’s War had us breathlessly grasping pages as they seemed to almost vanish at lightning speed. Rafael Amadeus Hines is clearly a master storyteller, which begs the question––nearly four years since this book’s stellar debut––where the heck is the next book?

~TopShelf Reviews